Producer’s Update August 23, 2010

We had a great day today – but a very sobering day. Matthew Cork joined us with his friend, John, from Canada. Seeing Matthew was great for our team and especially for me. Having him “on set” with us added a great energy for the day. Dr. Joseph D’Souza also joined us today as well. So much of what we are about with this movie is directly related to Joseph and OM. So, it was fantastic to have them all with us.

It was also a difficult day as we were also visited by four young women – 18, 19 and 30 (and a translator). These girls have all been rescued from a life of trafficking – one who started working at the early age of 11 years old. To sit and listen to their stories was extremely emotional but also amazing as they have all turned their hearts towards Jesus and now follow Him as Savior. What an awesome testimony of God turning what Satan intends for evil into His good! What courage these young women displayed during the interview and what freedom they now enjoy – both physically and spiritually.

These interviews were supposed to take an hour or so, but ended up taking over 3 hours. Here is the prayer request: we have A LOT of catch up work to do tomorrow. We need to film over 9 pages of script in 12 hours. We are starting at 6am – 5:30pm on your Monday evening. We need your prayers on our behalf. To accomplish this is seemingly impossible – these are the final scenes of the movie, the scenes where Caden finds and rescues Annika. We cannot rush these scenes, but we only have 12 hours. Please pray for God to increase our ability to work in unity, with focus and to accomplish much.

We know that the stories that we collected today are so important…in fact; they are the reason why we are here in the first place. To listen to these Dalit young women share their stories of betrayal, abuse and some of the worst things this world can throw at someone – and then to contrast this with the hope of Jesus in their lives is unbelievable. When you see the footage, you will understand! We are excited to come home and see you all soon…but our job isn’t finished here yet!  We want to finish strong!

Thank you and God bless!



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