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Global Forum on Human Trafficking

27 million people live in slavery today. That is more than 4 centuries of the trans-Atlantic African slave trade. Slavery is happening in India. It is happening in California. It is happening in Orange County. The good news is – something can be done about it. The Global Forum on Human Trafficking will make a difference. Leaders from all over the world, from the organizations leading the movement to end modern-day slavery will be at our church to help us learn, dialogue and to take action. Please consider registering for this Forum and taking a stand for those who can’t stand up for themselves.

Click Here to register and for instructions on a special discounted rate.


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Update September 3, 2010

Yesterday was our first day of production in Orange County! It was a completely different experience than filming in India. Here are a few clips for you to enjoy…


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Update September 1, 2010

We have journalists flying in today for interviews and we begin the Orange County portion of production tomorrow!!

Here is some of the footage we are sharing with the press today…

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Welcome Cassie Scerbo!

Cassie Scerbo will be playing the role of Audrey! Welcome to the Team Cassie!!

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