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Update February 25, 2011

Thanks for being patient with us as we’ve been silent for several months. Actually, there has been a lot going on as we’ve continued to work on Not Today.

We have finished the editing process and are really happy with how the film has ended up. Now, we’re on to more post production including the score, color correction and sound mix. We are also working on the subtitles – they’ll be unique, creative, interactive and will help tell the story.

The most exciting news is that PBS came to visit a few weeks ago and interviewed Matthew Cork (who is also one of our Executive Producers), Jon and me. They spent 2 days with us and the link to the program – Religion and Ethics Weekly – will be posted on our site later today. Please check it out and then share it on your Facebook and or Twitter feed. This is a great opportunity to let others know about Not Today and especially from such a reputable source as PBS.

Thanks for your continued interest in Not Today and we’ll try to have more frequent updates in the future.

Check back later for the PBS link and don’t forget to share it!

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