Focus Groups This Week

I’m looking forward to a great week.  Today, Matthew and I fly out for a two-city focus group tour.  We’ll be in Nashville, TN and Indianapolis, IN.  Lucas Fairchild, from our PR group, Lovell-Fairchild, will be with us in each city as well.  The purpose of these stops is to screen the movie in front of non-biased audiences and then ask them a series of well thought out, deliberate questions that will then aid us in discerning whether or not we need to make any edits or changes to the existing film before meeting with studios, interested buyers, etc.

We’ll post some pictures from the screenings and then write a wrap up at the end of the week, so keep checking back.

Thanks again for following our journey!




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5 responses to “Focus Groups This Week

  1. Dave

    Hi Brent. We have family near Indy. What churches will you be at while you’re there? Safe travels!

  2. Gail Benn


    Bravo! What an amazing trailer. Thank you so much for your broken heart for India. I’m a recently retired staff member from The Chapel in Akron, Ohio. We’ve partnered with Joseph for over 11 years and I’ve been to India 3 times, in fact, met with his daughter, Beryl in November. I would love to bring the movie to our area…either for a viewing at The Chapel or I’d be willing to help in any way to promote to the theaters in our area. Please advise. With much gratitude, Gail Benn

    • Gail –
      Thanks so much for your post. I’m amazed at how God works. Akron, OH is one of our test markets and we are wanting to release Not Today there in May. To make this possible, we were hoping to meet with church leaders in and around Akron during the last week of March – just two weeks from now. We would love (and actually need) your help to make this happen. Is there a way that I can get in touch with you via email or phone to discuss this? Please let me know and THANK YOU again for your post and willingness to help us tell the world about Not Today.
      Brent Martz

      • Gail Benn


        Yes! I’d be more than delighted to meet with you. In fact, I’ll contact our India Mission’s Coordinator at The Chapel and let them know you’ll be in town the last week of March. We have an India Leadership Team that I’m hoping will embrace this initiative and help make it happen. You can reach me at my cell 330-618-8651 or email

        Thank YOU for your vision and willingness to make it happen in Akron!


  3. I saw the movie in Akron, Oh and will be bringing it to CIncinnati, Ohio. THank you for your post!

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