Director’s Update

So here we sit, one more week has passed and…a ton of work and progress has been made. We are booking flights, and everything else that goes with the controlled chaos that is making a movie…or getting ready to go make a movie anyway. So, YES it is a good week. We are moving forward for sure. We have announced the cast!! Check them out, follow them on twitter, see their other work…they are all amazingly talented actors and actresses! I am excited and grateful to each one of them for their involvement. I anticipate nothing but greatness coming from each of them…great positive energy, great acting talent, great chemistry…especially with Cody and Sarah! When you guys get to experience what we all saw in the audition between those two…you will believe they have been dating for years!! They all share a passion for this cause and have agreed to dive in and give God their absolute best on this project. Our goal is simply, to make the best movie that we are capable of making because God does deserve our best. So, needless to say, I am thrilled with each and every actor chosen. They are all unique and I am certain you will be captivated as you watch this film…at least that is my goal….to bring out the very best in each of them…to identify their strengths and play to them…to isolate their weaknesses and stretch them, helping them grow…to frustrate them and console them. Basically, doing whatever is necessary to get the most riveting performances that this set of actors that God has assembled for such a time as this, are capable of giving…and I am thrilled to have this task laid out before me.

I have also started storyboarding a little with Abe…a little with a new friend, Josh Lam…and a little with a very old friend, Dan Hamilton. Abe and I started with very rudimentary boards, just to have an idea of what I am looking for. Then he found Josh, who I primarily work with via “go to meeting” and “iChat.” This way he can be at his house and I can be at work or home and we can work together. I can see his screen, so I can guide him and he can see me, as I stand on a chair trying to show him how I see Kavya’s hand grasping her dad’s pant cuff!

Just got back from meeting with Cody and Walid. They are both super excited and ready to dive into the film. I gave them both some homework and set a time to meet again before I head out for India. Things are finally in high gear…or “accelerated” as a friend likes to say.
Cody has a band, Fairlene, and they are releasing their first single next week…so, check out his website and support him please!! Cody also has the cutest dog I have seen a long time BTW. Spent a lot of time on the phone with Jessica today. She is our catchall media guru and social networking person and currently acting as a personal assistant to three or four people!! Not to mention she has twin toddler boys at home!! She is busy for sure! It is great for me to be able to turn over stuff and focus on what I need to be doing at the moment. Now is when things get nuts for me…but in a really good way!! This is play time. This is what we have all been waiting for…it seems God has finally granted us permission to go make HIS film. I love this kind of busy…productive, creative busy.

Meanwhile Brent, Steven, Allan, Chris and Denise are the kind of busy that would make me insane!! The organizing kind of busy…the nuts and bolts of making things happen…visa, plane trips, table reads, budget issues, equipment lists…blah blah blah…no thanks. We are lucky to have such a team surrounding this project…willing and praying it into existence. So far so good…
Oh yeah…while at Cody’s house…he played his new song (he actually played the piano part for us live on his beautiful white piano)… then, when he stopped playing, Walid started playing another song. Seems they are both musicians! Cool.

Anyway, so keep praying and watching…new things happening daily.


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